Strawberry Fraud?

So, a pretty unfortunate incident yesterday :/ I have been purchasing from  for some time now and have always been more than happy with their service. Well, until yesterday when my card was used for no less than 9 times in a row, emptying a total of 264 $ from my bank account. Thankfully the bank offers a service of sending an SMS for every transaction made so I noticed soon enough to contact the bank, block transactions altogether and stop whomever it was from emptying my account completely. Needless to say, I paid via PayPal which confuses me even more…

After contacting both Strawberry and PayPal I’ve been informed there has certainly been a misuse of my details (yup, guys, kinda figured that myself!) but there is only so much they can do. Which is – pretty much nothing. The bank has been very helpful though in tracking the transactions to and filing a chargeback so I’m expecting them to reverse the charges.

Has anyone had similar experience with Strawberry? If not, learn from my misfortune and be careful!!! The best bet is to use a debit card with the exact amount of money you plan to spend each time…

Take care, xxx

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Fraud?

  1. I was informed by my banks fraud dept that this has charged my debit card twice. Im assuming that this website has been put onto some sort of watch list.


  2. Oh and I forgot to mention that until I was contacted by my bank I had never even heard of this site.


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